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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Costa Linda Beach Hotel´s new room rates until December 15th, 2011!

Hi! We are offering accommodation in the Costa Linda Beach Hotel in Margarita, located in Playa el Agua.

This hotel is small, comfortable and beautiful in its decoration. It has two swimming pools: one for adults and one for kids, chairs and umbrellas on the beach, satellite TV, A/C, safety box,  Bar Restaurant and gym.

There are 2 kinds of room:
  - Downstairs rooms are cheaper and a little bit smaller.
  - Upstairs rooms are bigger and they have balconies.

Daily rates from July 16, 2011 until September 18, 2011  (per room, per night)

  - Single           US$84
  - Double         US$87
  - Triple           US$99
  - Quadruple   US$113

  - Single          US$92
  - Double         US$95
  - Triple          US$108
  - Quadruple    US$120

Daily rates from  September 19 until December 15, 2011 (per room, per night)

  - Single           US$69
  - Double         US$72
  - Triple           US$84
  - Quadruple    US$97

  - Single             US$80
  - Double           US$83
  - Triple             US$95
  - Quadruple    US$108

Only exception from October 08, 2011 until October 16, 2011  (per room, per night)

  - Single           US$84
  - Double         US$87
  - Triple           US$99
  - Quadruple   US$113

  - Single          US$92
  - Double         US$95
  - Triple          US$108
  - Quadruple    US$120

 If interested, write us to giovannacastellao@gmail.com
 Breakfast included.
 Kids:  0-5 y/o:   Free
 *Prices may vary.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Studying Spanish in Margarita Island!

Planning to learn or improve your Spanish?

Now you can study it and, at the same time, enjoy the amazing beaches of this Caribbean Island!

We got 2 different schools + acommodation packages:

Option 1:

- CELA School (specialized in Spanish for foreigners, located at a beautiful and rich area in Margarita, they offer certificate at the end of each level and the possibility of getting internationally recognized certificates).
- Classes from Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 1pm. Outdoor activities 3 times a week, in the afternoons. Museums, amusement parks and other entrance fees are not included in the price but generally they are very cheap.
Price is US$ 275 per week.

- In host family, selected by the school administration. All houses are 15 or 20 min away (walk distance)  from the school.

- With own bedroom and bathroom for the student.
- Two home made daily meals included (except for Sundays). 
Price: US$ 231 per week.

Option 2:
- Peter´s Language Institute (teaches many languages including Spanish for foreigners, located in Margarita´s downtown).
- Classes from Monday to Friday from 8am to 12pm. (student can choose previously how many hours wants to study per day).
Price: US$ 205 per week.

- we rent a suite nearby the school for you .
Price: US$ 383 per month.

For further information, mail to:  giovannacastellao@gmail.com

Thursday, May 5, 2011

All-Inclusive Hotels, A good choice? Pros and Cons..

Nowadays, this "all inclusive" option is on, and It "looks" like a very good choice to travel but ... still people wonder: Is it worth? Would be better to pay only for bed and eat wherever I'd wish?

Well, whether is a good choice or not basically depends on what you want, the way you travel, budget and your particular expectations about the hotel.

As everything in life, It has its advantages and disadvantages... now we'll show you a list with a few of good and bad points of this kind of accommodation. What do you think about it?:


- You pay just one amount. Paying in advance a determined amount that you know you can spend, helps you to keep yourself under your budget, without having to make calculations or  plans to eat, get transportation, sleep and going for tours (eventhough, If you plan a little bit, you can make a package with an "under control" budget).  

- In many cases, they are cheap. If you consider all meals, drinks and entertainment are included in this amount, It ends up being a good deal. A lot of them includes a variety of entertainment as games, sports, dancing classes, exercises classes, beach access, etc...

- It is a good option to relax. In the hotel facilities you will get all you need, so you do not have to go out of the hotel to look for "what to eat today" or enterteinment as you will not get bored even If you stay the whole day, every day in the hotel. They are conceptualized for the client to go straight from the airport to the resort and from the resort to the airport. This is one of the main reasons why this kind of place is ideal for those completely free of stress vacations...

- Based on the previous point, It can be a good choice for those traveling with kids.

- They have nice facilities. A lot of them are located close to the beach (many are far away from downtown), with sea view and/or to the swimming pools. They are projected to stay the whole day "sunbathing".


- Not always "all" is really included. You must read very well all conditions and take the decision because, many times some things are out of the package (that we might thing they "obviously" are) like for example, spas, some kinds of drinks or special foods, tips and a few activities. Particularly, here, all inclusive means basically bed, meals, national drinks, internal entertainment and beach facilities (chairs and umbrellas).

- On the other hand, have in mind It is normal spending a money in a few things like tips, souvenirs and things you find really cheaper than back home.

- You could be "stuck" in the hotel. As you have all what you need in only one place and have paid for that, It can make you feel guilty for leaving the hotel, It means you will "miss" that lunch that you paid already or things like that. Plus, many of these hotels are located very far away from downtown and city tours are not included in the room rate. So, will you miss exploring the place and know local culture and people?.

- The tendency is to waste. Sometimes, If things is already paid and there are no limits on the quantity, this makes people feel like consuming things they do not really need. For example, filling a plate of food once more even though you just take a couple of bites and trash the rest, or open a new soap just because the opened one is not close enough to the bathtube and you already paid for it! even knowing you will use it only once.

- Not always they really looks as in the pictures. Of course, many of them have attractive facilities but, in their brochures... as a marketing product, they make them look more beautiful (something like fast food poster pictures hehe). In this way, you could go and find a completely different place from "the photoshoped pictures" you saw. It is always recommended to search for updated reviews about the hotel you are looking foward to stay. 

Certainly, whatever the option you go for, the most important thing is thinking a lot based on your way of travelling, your personal costums and budget. It is always important you feel you made a good deal.

If you think It is worth the price and will not feel guilty for leaving the hotel (or you are not leaving it), or you just really want to relax, so go ahead and choose this option.

If you stay in an all-inclusive and you want to go out and really see the place where you are, you must feel that what you have consumed in the hotel before going out is already worth for the price you paid for this day, or that the price already worth just the room , or you had two extra wine bottles the night before! Whatever, the important thing is not feeling guilty in no way for leaving the hotel! Enjoy and zero stress!  

In case is difficult for you manage this kind of feelings or you wish to go out everyday (or almost every day), then, all-inclusive is maybe not very suitable for you. 

Particularly, we think, in these cases that people want to go out and visit surrounding areas and other places, a better choice is one bed & breakfast, of course, we are generalizing.. as we should study case by case depending on prices and customer´s likes...

Location, distancy, facilities, types of rooms, prices to eat and get transportation out of the hotel, are important issues to balance when It is time to take the final decision.
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