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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Things to do in Margarita Island! (2/3)

... Continuing with our Things to do in Margarita Island´s list:

In the most popular beaches, you can enjoy a delicious seafood dishes and also can make a little shopping, as there are plenty of walking sellers from whom you can get: fresh oyster, massages, little braids in the hair, accessories, sun glasses, handcraft stuff, jet sky, banana boat, utralight flight, and other things... please notice we've said 'in the most popular ones', there are plenty others where you can enjoy Nature and just relax if you are not in the mood for shopping.

Tours to Coche Island. Either in an music-animated or in very quiet and relaxing catamaran, you can travel to the neighbor Coche Island... to enjoy a different day by its clean waters…

Tours to Cubagua Island. Also made by Catamarans very similar to the ones which go to Coche. Generally, It is included in the package: snorkeling equipment to see sealife in the sinked ship by the Island, also is included: drinks, lunch, chairs and sun umbrellas on the beach (same as Coche)..

Tour to Restinga Lagoon. A beautiful and different tour in a relaxing boat through mangroove channels which ends up in a huge beach...

Tour to the paradise Archipelago de los Roques. If you get this chance, do not throw it away. You will never regret to take it! It is impossible to describe the different blue shades in those wateres. There are very reasonable prices for this kind of tour, you just have to look for it ( or even better: ask us! hehe).

You can stay in hotels you will not feel like going out, with room rates that include all meals, national drinks and a lot of entertainment!

Or you can stay in accommodation much more cheaper.. There are a few where you can cook and save some money... luxury houses to rent... accommodation+breakfast...only accommodation... in other words, a wide variety...

At Yaque beach, very close to the Airport, you can find an ideal place for windsurfing and kitesurfing. In this place, It keeps winds of 25 knots constantly and 29º C temperature the whole year which makes this place one of the World´s top 5 places for these sports practice.

Hey, you like surf, so your beaches will be Guacuco, Parguito, El Agua, Puerto Cruz and Taguantar. aaaallright, there are no huuuge waves on those beaches like the ones from Bali!.... but you can get plenty fun there, and some challenging waves too.

Ok, you don't like beach with waves, so we invite you to visit beaches that looks like a real swimming pool such as Paraíso and  Punta Arenas..

oook, you don't like so much waves and neither so calm as a swimming pool, then you can visit  Playa Caribe, Zaragoza.. point here is that there are plenty beaches for every one....

 ... second post finishing here... next... Things to do in Margarita Island 3/3. To be Continued..

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things to do in Margarita Island! (1/3)

Whenever people is looking for accurate information about Margarita Island, It is quite difficult to get it, at least compacted and/or updated. That is why, we've decided to summarize all kind of activities or things-to-do in Margarita, helping you to plan your trip properly...    
Based on your likes and interests, either you are traveling with your kids, or It is a retired-people trip, a just married couple, young or adult people, you can choose among many options that go from quite tours (like museums, tropical maze, viewpoints) and others with some more action (Diverland, SCUBA diving..), so everybody can enjoy things the thing they like the most...

Margarita Island is well known for its amount and variety of beaches. It is an island in which, almost all its coasts are perfect beaches to be enjoyed by beach lovers. But, more than having a sunny day in one of those beaches... what else can you do on this island? Well, Margarita is not only this, let´s see other kinds of fun you can get:

Pearls! Pearls! Pearls! Margarita is a pearl producing zone and you can have those wonderful pearls for a veeery good price and also huge variety of accessories like collars, bracelets, rings, earings, etc... starting from pearl accessories smaller and cheaper (to give as souvenir!) until bigger and perfect pearls with gold or silver details which are really gorgeous jewlery. My daughter loves all of them!

Going in a tour all around the island. Ideal to get familiar with places, views , geography and other main points. There are many kinds of tours, from private tours for small groups until big group of 4x4 jeep in a convoy...
Riding-horse tours.. there are places, where you can live a nice and beautiful experience, having a morning riding a horse next to your beloveds, through desert beaches and other views. Kids love it and girls find it very romantic!

Swimming with dolphins, one of the few places in the world where you can live this unique and wonderful experience...

SCUBA diving in the neighbor Los Frailes Archipelago. If you are not licensed, do not worry, you can also enjoy this experience... there are professionals taking care of everything for you... or If you prefer, you can go just for snorkeling...

For shopping, island is tax free… which provides to the tourist buying famous brands as Liz Claiborne, Adidas, Nike, Nintendo, PSP’s,  BlackBerry, Diesel, Ray-Ban, Victoria´s Secret, L’Occitane, Tommy Hilfiger,  Lacoste, Dolce & Vita, MNG, GSL, Timberland, Levi´s, Apple, perfums and electronic equipments... for great values! Main places for shopping are 4 de Mayo Avenue and its outlets, Sambil Mall and La Vela Mall.

This article was divided in 3 posts... It was too long!!!  To be continued in Things to do in Margarita Island 2/3

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Butterfly House - Nice Accomodation Option

Hi everyone, we just found a really nice house with a perfect family atmosphere for those who are planning to relax and rest for a few days down in the Caribbean weather..

The Butterfly House is on the way to Guacuco Beach,  It has a nice swimming pool, 3 bedrooms (two are master rooms), 3 baths, electric fence, 3 cars parking space and accomodation for up to 08 people.

For those who are coming with no transportation at all, owner provides also a  car (for a small difference in price).Daily rates for low season are US$ 151 per night (house), and US$ 198 with car included.

For high season daily rates are US$ 182 per night (house) and, US$ 228 with car. All prices are total per night for up to 08 people.

For further information, please, do not hesitate to contact us. 

Giovanna and Alexander.

Phone: +55 11 37172422
           +58 424 2332724 (Cel)
Email:  giovannacastellao@gmail.com
Skype: carrizoa


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

24 hours Margarita Island - Los Roques Trip

For those planning to visit Venezuela... Margarita Island and  Los Roques are two main destinations for those paradisiac beaches lovers.

Plan your trip in a pragmatic way not wasting money and/or time... with this promotion!

You can catch this trip every Monday and Tuesday coming back to Margarita on the next day, and its price, trust us: best in town, It's $375 p/p and includes:

- Two ways air flight tickets Margarita- Los Roques- Margarita.
- Catamaran tour from Gran Roque to various keys and coral colonies nearby.
- Lunch on the boat
- One night accommodation in a typical 'posada'

We got some other and different promotions for those departuring from Caracas with different
prices/schedules since all flights are different from there..

For further information/reservation, do not hesitate to contact us at: giovannacastellao@gmail.com

Costa Linda Beach Hotel´s room rates!

Hi! We are offering accommodation in the Costa Linda Beach Hotel in Margarita, located in Playa el Agua.

This hotel is small, comfortable and beautiful in its decoration. It has two swimming pools: one for adults and one for kids, chairs and umbrellas on the beach, satellite TV, A/C, safety box,  Bar Restaurant and gym.

There are 2 kinds of room:
  - Downstairs rooms are cheaper and a little bit smaller.
  - Upstairs rooms are bigger and they have balconies.

Daily rates until March 31, 2011  (per room, per night)

  - Single          US$ 56
  - Double         US$ 59
  - Triple          US$70
  - Quadruple    US$82

  - Single          US$ 68
  - Double         US$70
  - Triple          US$82
  - Quadruple    US$94

Daily rates from  April 1 until July 15, 2011 (per room, per night)

  - Single          US$50
  - Double         US$52
  - Triple          US$61
  - Quadruple    US$70

  - Single          US$ 59
  - Double         US$61
  - Triple          US$70
  - Quadruple    US$ 79

 If interested, write us to giovannacastellao@gmail.com
 Breakfast included.
 Kids:  0-5 y/o:   Free
         6-12 y/o:   US$ 9 per night.
 Hotel is already fully booked for Carnival's and Easter`s week.
 *Prices may vary.

Scuba diving in Margarita Island!

Hi, everybody! This is a full day trip for tourists who are in Margarita or on their way to the Island.

There is no proper place to dive in Margarita Island itself, the closest and most famous place to dive is called Los Frailes!  

Tour prices include transportation (depending on the hotel location), barbecue lunch and proper equipment for scuba diving or snorkeling.

Snorkeling                    US$ 54* per person.
Certified scuba divers  US$ 88* per person.
Scuba dive beginners  US$ 96* per person.

For those people who wants to go on the trip but does not want snorkeling neither scuba diving. Price is US$ 54* per person.

There are two immersions. First one is in the morning and second one after lunch time.

Any doubt, please contact me.
Giovanna Castellao

  * Prices may vary.

Introducing my blog to my foreign friends ... and their friends!

Hi everybody! My name is Giovanna and I am Brazilian. My husband Alexander is Venezuelan and we have been living in Venezuela since 2008.
Before coming here, I used to be flight attendant... I worked for TAM during 6 years and, after that I joined Qatar Airways until got married and came to Venezuela.

Actually, we live in a small town very close to Caracas and, in October, we are moving to live in Margarita Island. This island is so beautiful, perfect weather whole year, full of gourgeous beaches, good for shopping because It is duty free zone, many kinds of leisure for everyone, including casinos, windsurf, scuba diving and other water sports.

My business project is to bring you to visit the island!

But first, I need to settle down in the island and check everything carefully, getting prices, etc... but, I want you to keep in mind my blog and start to plan your next vacation... coming to Margarita!

I want to make a good price to do your transportation all over the island and, If you need a tourist guide, you also can count on me.

Well, these are a few ideas, I will check the best way to make it suitable for you!

Thanks for reading my article, I'll come back soon with some more information.
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