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Monday, April 18, 2011

Things to do in Margarita Island! (3/3)

...Continuing our Things to do in Margarita Island´s List:

Margarita has also an important variety at the eating time. They go from very expensive restaurants until very cheap places where you can choose whatever you like to eat: Restaurants especialists in seafood, meat, pastas, pizzas, Ribs, roasted chicken, bakeries, hot dogs, hamburguers, ¨empanadas¨ and many other options, depending on what you are feeling like eating or tasting. Where do you want to have dinner on your first night in Margarita? At Hard Rock Cafe? Or eating beef in a ¨Caney¨ with live popular music?


In a caribbean Island where whisky is known for being cheap, you must hang out and party, so check which are the popular pubs and discos at the moment and go ahead...just be carefull not drinking so much If you have SCUBA diving next day early morning.. hehe....

For kids, in the Island... It has Diverland (amusement parks), Parque el Agua (water park with huges slides), and/or Tropical Labyrinth ( a labyrinth made by plants and small animals).

Tropical Labyrinth is also a good option for people who likes to breath fresh air and see a lot of green... there, you will find 17000m2 dedicated to conservate the tropical FLORA AND FAUNA as well as local native animals. Apart from the plants maze, park has got 4 areas where you can find the xerofila zone, flowers, fruits, high humidity micro-environment and plenty animals people can touch.  

For those who likes museums, they will love “Los Pueblos de Margarita”... It is a museum which imitates a small village and show history and what is produced in each zone of Margarita.

In the night life, apart from eating and hanging out, you also can go to a Bingo or a Casino, where you can gamble in a slot machine, Blackjack, roulette or poker..

Margarita, being one of the most important entrances to the country and big pearl producer at colonial time, also has remaining traces of that time. That is why we can find castles and churchs that silently, tell us the history when pirates, colonialists and revolutianaries had been fighting for keeping the control over the Island.. Actually we have got old churchs and new ones, which shows the World, the popular faith that keeps Venezuelan People, always trusting in The Divine God and his Mother, specially represented by our Virgen del Valle..

Last one (to effects of this article) we also have a variety of handcraft that goes from the famous caribbean hammocks until very particular local ornaments as this adorable doll which represents a important part of the Venezuelan Folklore.

We will talk more about specific activities in future articles... but for now... What about you? Have you done any of this tours? Whatelse have you found on the Island? Tell us your experience!

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