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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Introducing my blog to my foreign friends ... and their friends!

Hi everybody! My name is Giovanna and I am Brazilian. My husband Alexander is Venezuelan and we have been living in Venezuela since 2008.
Before coming here, I used to be flight attendant... I worked for TAM during 6 years and, after that I joined Qatar Airways until got married and came to Venezuela.

Actually, we live in a small town very close to Caracas and, in October, we are moving to live in Margarita Island. This island is so beautiful, perfect weather whole year, full of gourgeous beaches, good for shopping because It is duty free zone, many kinds of leisure for everyone, including casinos, windsurf, scuba diving and other water sports.

My business project is to bring you to visit the island!

But first, I need to settle down in the island and check everything carefully, getting prices, etc... but, I want you to keep in mind my blog and start to plan your next vacation... coming to Margarita!

I want to make a good price to do your transportation all over the island and, If you need a tourist guide, you also can count on me.

Well, these are a few ideas, I will check the best way to make it suitable for you!

Thanks for reading my article, I'll come back soon with some more information.

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